Friday 21st July

Hi everyone

I have had a wonderful year and I will miss every single one of my children / your children.

Faizan wrote and read out the following poem in church today when we said goodbye to our Y6.

Change is sad. It means that you will have to say goodbye to your old teacher. Change is exciting because you get to move on and you get to meet your new teacher. Change is beautiful like a flower opens to a blossom.

Thank you Faizan, and thank you to every child in Y4 for all that you have learned, and for all that you have taught me.

Mr M

Friday 14th July

Hi everyone

The end of the year is near but this week has been as busy as ever. Y4 are not quite on the beach yet.

Isaac has been brilliant throughout the year in so many ways and this week was no different.  I asked the children to make a computer game that based on the principle of random selection.  Isaac quickly saw the possibilities and displayed a level of enthusiasm and creativity that delighted me.

We have been continuing our work on coordinates this week in maths and we have also been studying shape and symmetry. Charlie showed confidence, trust and determination, which helped him to move out of ‘the pit’.

The rain was falling relentlessly on Tuesday afternoon when Miss Wright worked with Y4DM. Predictably, she still found a way to get the children interested in sport and to be competitive. She asked the pupils to produce an indoor game based on an aspect of PE.  I’m hoping for a few more wet playtimes so I can get to play some of these great inventions.

I hope you will appreciate your child’s annual report. Whatever I wrote, you can be sure that it’s better than mine. In preparation for the transition days on Monday and Tuesday, I asked my class to write to my new recruits to offer them advice.

‘First of all, never make Mr. Moore of Elvis angry. It won’t end well.’ Isaac

‘Just to warn you, you will do loads of experiments and I am wishing you luck, luck because it is going to be difficult.’ Melika

‘You’ll love Mr. Moore’s science and you might be lucky enough to witness magic.’ Matthew

‘If you are sitting in the front row, bring safety goggles, stand back and have fun.’ Maisie

‘Anyway, let’s talk about the learning. For a start, most of the time you will be learning about strange things or learning about computing.’ Skye

‘Try to be very creative.’ Sithika

‘He can be unbelievably untidy at times so watch out!’ Leo

‘The music in class may be loud and distracting but just try coping with it and you’ll overcome it eventually.’ Adwaya

‘Good luck as Mr. Moore is strict. Be warned.’ Ashley

‘The experience and surprises you will witness in this class will blow your mind and the challenges will go beyond your limits.’ Daniel

‘By the way, you do not need to be scared.’ Shakirah

‘Do listen to Mr. Moore because he does have a spectacular wise beard.’ Kai

My first Learner of the Week is Kai, but not just for admiring my facial hair. Every sentence of his advice was written with effort and an intention to impress, and today he thrilled us with his high jump skills once again. Only Zedekiah from Y6 was able to leap higher. By the time Kai reaches Y6 he’ll be able to grab a handful of stars on his way over the bar.

Skye is my other choice for Learner of the Week. I am staggered by her ability in visual literacy lessons. She is able to interpret even the slightest detail in an image, song or video clip with an ability and understanding that is far beyond her age.

Miss Murphy has introduced herself to my class, who will become her class in September. She is a great teacher and totally committed to our children. You can be sure that Y4DM are in good hands and that your child will have a fantastic year.

Homework sheets were given out today. The themes are acrostic poems and coordinates. Please encourage your child to use Sumdog Spelling. Once they have answered enough questions, I will be provided with a report which I can use to set individual challenges for the Summer holiday.

Have a great weekend

Mr. Moore

Y4 DM Friday 7th July

Hi everyone

I predict an early night for most Y4 children tonight. They are used to having aching brains, but today quite a few have tired legs and feet. What for me was a 7-mile saunter to Eccup and back, appeared to be more like an endless march to the moon for many of the class. I think we should have more walks in the countryside, and not just to develop physical health. Although we spent only a short time at school today, I’m sure that plenty of learning still happened.

Pinecones, nettles, raspberries, wheat, chamomile, cows, horses, stiles, meadows, water supplies and reservoirs all provided wonderful opportunities to teach vocabulary, pass on knowledge, to connect and to discover. We also learned a lot about determination and endurance. I’m pretty sure that your child will be keen to tell me that they met Elvis today. The King was wonderful with his adoring fans and behaved impeccably. Thank you so much to Karam’s mum and Niah’s mum for accompanying us, and for making sure we had a safe and enjoyable day. Huge thanks as well to Mrs. Willis for organising everything and for helping to make today a day that many children will remember for a long time.


Significant learning has also taken place in the classroom of course. I am very impressed with the development in comprehension skills, the progress with dividing by 10 and 100, and the fabulously intelligent thinking that my class displayed when we learned about ‘change’. Although change is inevitable and inescapable, I hope my class took home the message that we should appreciate every moment that we are given. We created a ‘wow’ moment by making paper lotus flowers, which ‘magically’ blossomed when they were placed upon a surface of water.

On Thursday afternoon we learned that some of my class are equipped with springs or wings. I’m fairly sure that Keagan, Niall, Niah, Leo and Kai actually flew during the KS2 High Jump competition.

One of the most important highlights of the week has been raising £88 in two days for the charities we have chosen to support as part of our work towards earning the Archbishop of York’s Young Leaders’ Award. The children have decided that we will give donations to St. Gemma’s Hospice, The International Red Cross/Crescent, The Alzheimer’s Society, and The Dogs’ Trust. Thank you to Mrs. Walker for giving more that she should to make this happen. Our fundraising efforts will continue next week, and we will try even harder on our mission to make the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

Learners of the Week are very hard to choose. Ashley has been encouraging others with his excellent behaviour and helpfulness, Camron showed resilience when putting up with painful toothache on the Eccup trek, Adwaya continues to demonstrate that his thirst for Maths knowledge still cannot be quenched, Shams and Olivia have reminded us that homework makes a big difference, and Niah’s enthusiasm for Lexia is just wonderful. However, I have chosen Karam for showing a more confident attitude and for contributing more to our online classroom and to our actual classroom. Keep connecting Karam! I have also chosen Ibran. I don’t tell him often enough how clever he is, and how much I appreciate his kindness and his lovely sense of humour. Thank you Ibran.

Homework tasks will be issued on Monday but until then please make sure that your child has learned this week’s spellings, and try to encourage them to complete the Sumdog Spelling and Sumdog Maths challenges that I have set.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore

Friday 30th June

Hi everyone.

On Monday, it was Eid (Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends). Due to Eid, many people weren’t here including me so let’s skip to Tuesday. Shams

We did homophone work in the morning and then some Lexia and Sumdog Spelling. Charlie

Our maths topic has been fractions and decimals. About ¾ of the class worked hard. Sophie

On Wednesday we did some Spanish with Mrs. Culshaw. Eric

My favourite part of the week was when we learned about parts of the body in Spanish. Ibran

Yesterday we did Sports Day practice with 5LM, which didn’t end well, but at least we got it in. Leo

We jumped, skipped, threw, jumped and hopped our way through the course. There was definitely mud, sweat and tears. Maisie

As the Summer Fair is today we have been using our fundraising minds to earn money by making games and stalls. We have finalized ‘Thump the Trump’ and ‘Throw the plane’. Paarshva

I had a lot of challenges in Maths but I didn’t give up. Melika

I think that I’m impressed by my work, oh, sorry, some of my work. Olivia

What I liked best about this week are all the challenges that I faced. Ashley

This week Mr. Moore has put so much effort in so I give him full gratitude. Niall

In my opinion the Learners of the Week are Isaac because of his independence and maturity, and Melika because of her humility and concentration. Daniel

I think Learner of the Week should be Niah because she has settled in so well, even with the madness. Sophie

I don’t think that anyone has worked as hard as Daniel and Paarshva. They deserve to be Learners of the Week. Sithika

For our spelling test this week, we went onto Kahoot, a skill we picked up in Allerton High. Matthew has proven himself as the king of spelling by coming first on Kahoot. Adwaya

The thing I liked most today was doing spellings because it shows you hard words. Karam

Homework: Maths p.32 and 33 (fractions of amounts), spellings, Lexia, Sumdog and the English worksheet about speech marks. Mr Moore

See ya! Matthew

Proposal to Increase Primary School Places within the Alwoodley area

Proposal to increase primary school places within the Alwoodley area

Leeds City Council is consulting on a proposal to expand Allerton Church of England Primary School from a capacity of 420 to 630 pupils by permanently increasing the admission limit in reception from 60 to 90 pupils from September 2018. The consultation period commences on Monday 26 June 2017 and closes on Friday 21 July 2017 at 4pm. During this time we will be having some drop-in sessions at the school for parents, carers and residents to learn more about the proposal and ask any questions they may have. The format of the drop-in sessions is informal, with officers from the Sufficiency and Participation (school place planning), Built Environment and Highways teams in attendance to discuss any queries you may have about the proposals. You may attend any of the drop-in sessions between the start and finish times.

Meetings details:

Drop-in session dates and times:

Monday 26 June 5pm-7pm

Monday 3 July 8.30am-9.30am

Thursday 13 July 2.45pm-4pm

To find out more about the proposal and how you can have your say, please pick up a copy of the consultation document from the school office, download it from here or visit the following websites from June 2017

Friday 23rd June

Hi everyone

A list of things that have impressed me this week: Adwaya’s drive and determination, Shakirah’s positive attitude, Chayse’s focus, Paarshva’s thoughtfulness, Isaac’s leadership, Ashley’s courtesy, Sophie’s creativity, Camron’s energy, Keagan’s strength, Matthew’s cheerfulness, Charlie’s independence, Aliyah’s persistence, Niah’s adaptability, Karam’s confidence, Melika’s effort, Skye’s optimism and Leo‘s commitment to ACE.

Despite ridiculously strong competition I have chosen Daniel and Maisie to be the Learners of the Week. They have both proven how clever they are by the impressive scores that they achieved on their assessments this week, but what really made me smile were their prayers for Y6, and their reflections on the value of endurance. Maisie and Daniel’s words showed maturity, empathy, strength and a beautiful measure of grace. Unfortunately, what they wrote must remain top secret until the Leaver’s Service for Y6.

One of the highlights of this week was an impromptu DT lesson. Having become very tired of the children making a bigger mess than me, I asked my pupils to make stationery organisers to try to get to grips with a problem that always seems to afflict my class more than any other. Their finished work made me laugh, cry, and shout with pride and just a little despair, but it displayed their unique and precious personalities perfectly.

I was encouraged by how many more children have completed the homework tasks for last week. The new spellings are on our Google classroom (I will print them out on Monday if needed), we are revising ordering and converting decimal numbers in Maths, and your child should have two worksheets about synonyms.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Moore


Friday 16th June

Hi everyone

Once again we ran out of time to fit in all the lessons that I had planned. Still, we did manage to get a terrific amount of learning done and I think we had a little bit of fun as well.

On Monday I taught the children how to use branching databases to sort animals into different categories. Despite the occasional software bug, most children managed to complete the task, and some super science vocabulary was used.

Monday was also memorable because we gained a new member of the team, flock, pack, tribe etc (more of this later). Anyway, I am so pleased that Niah has joined us. Just like our other newest member Skye, she is wonderfully friendly, and keen to learn.

Now that Y6 have completed their SATs, they have more freedom to do some of their roles in school. This week, we were fortunate to get the help of some Y6 writing mentors. They worked brilliantly to support Y4 in writing recounts of when Wilbur escapes from the barn in the story of Charlotte’s Web. Almost everyone produced some excellent work, by varying sentence openers, punctuating correctly and by using quality vocabulary. Faizan’s writing was particularly impressive, in quality and in presentation.

The children have been having great success when learning how to add, subtract and find fractions of numbers. Aisha has been incredibly keen to learn about this area of Maths and has asked me almost everyday whether we can do some more work about fractions. Although we have now moved on to a new topic, the excitement seems to have remained. Today and yesterday we learned about the amazing properties of a right angle isosceles triangle. On Thursday the children used rulers and scissors to create a model of one from a rectangle of card. To put it diplomatically, I was quite surprised to discover how much the children still have to learn about using a ruler to measure. I may have been a little too ambitious when deciding to teach them how to mark out a straight line by scoring with scissors. Hopefully the wounds on my fingers won’t leave scars.

Anyway, the work on shape and geometry continued today with a lesson that is almost 2500 years old. No, I’m not quite that old so I wasn’t actually the first one to teach it! Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher ‘proved’ that all knowledge was recollection and a teacher just had to ask the right questions to make the student ‘remember’. Perhaps he was right, but I think my class might want to change the quote to ‘all knowledge is revelation’.

We were outside, looking at the square flagstones when I asked Niah how to create a right angled isosceles triangle using a single click line. Her suggestion produced the correct answer. When I asked how the properties of this type of triangle might help us to measure the height of tree without climbing it there was quite a pause followed by a fantastic moment of learning and revelation for many children. After breath was regained, the children used the school grounds to prove the power of geometry, measuring the height of objects that they couldn’t possible climb. By finding a 45 degree diagonal line from the top of an object to the ground, the children were able to measure the length of a lateral line to find the height of the vertical line. Getting a 45 degree eye-line took quite a bit of flexibility.

Shams inspired us to make some stars of hope this week. We used protractors and rulers to draw stars and decorate them with messages of love and hope for the victims of recent terrorist attacks.

Homework: a worksheet about collective nouns for English. Please help your child to complete the task using dictionaries, encyclopedias or the internet. Our spelling focus for this week is ‘cc’ words. The words to learn are accelerate, accent, accept, access, accident, eccentric and success. Our maths focus is CGP books p.30 – 31, adding and subtracting fractions. 12x table facts seem a little rusty so we’ll be having a test on Friday.

Learners of the Week are Leo and Niah. This week’s PE lessons reminded me about how much Leo contributes to our class. During our games of cricket he showed the same qualities he does in class – huge enthusiasm, great participation and a desire for success. My other choice is Niah. How could it be anyone else? Her attitude, her effort and her kindness would be enough, but today during Golden Time she reminded me of just how important it is to let children have some time to simply play. This afternoon, my class put away their iPads, had games of football and cricket, played ‘schools’ and rediscovered the dressing-up box. Thank you Niah. It didn’t take long for you to become ACE.

Have a great weekend everyone

Mr Moore

Friday 26th May

Hi everyone,

Homework for the holiday: mental arithmetic books, grammar worksheets, Sumdog challenges, Lexia targets and Reading Eggpress assignments. Please encourage your child to keep practicing times tables. By now, all Y4 children should know all multiplication facts up to 12 x 12. I have also sent home a sheet for your child to design an invention that uses computer technology for a positive and useful purpose.

Learners of the Week have been chosen by Daniel. He spoke to me after lunch today and nominated Aisha because “she makes us laugh at playtime and her attitude in lessons is spot on”. Daniel’s second suggestion was Eric because “his behaviour is a good example to everyone”.

I’m happy to go along with his advice but I need to add one more name: Daniel. How can I overlook someone who knows that he gives every ounce of effort every single week, and then displays such humility by recognising only the achievements of others?

On Thursday my class held a minute’s silence impeccably.  We sat spread out on the mound behind the MUGA. Though the birds continued to sing, every single child was completely silent, lost in their thoughts and prayers. Later in the evening Isaac posted this comment on the Google Classroom, “Dear God, please make all the people who died in Manchester live a happy life in Heaven, and may all the injured be healed. Please take good care of Sorrell.”

Well done to all those children from my class who took part in the triathlon at John Smeaton Leisure Centre this week. Unsurprisingly, they all looked very tired when they returned to school. Whilst the triathletes were away, I taught the rest of Y4 ‘photoshop’, coding and iMovie skills so that they could produce animations, movies and Scratch games based on a running, swimming and cycling competition. Paarshva and Karam worked really well together and I could tell how good their Scratch game was by the way in which Karam couldn’t help yelling with excitement!

Today was our last lesson with the cricket coach. He told the children that he couldn’t believe that they were the same class that he had first met only six weeks ago. I completely agree with him. Everyone was so keen to take part and there were superb displays of batting. Aisha played like she was Ben Stokes, Adwaya’s and Matthew’s technique was ‘textbook’, Maisie played a very clever and effective innings, and Paarshva, Kai and Niall hit the ball to the moon.

Recounts of our day with the Blah Blah Blah theatre company were written today as well as recounts of the time at the triathlon. Leo, Matthew, Olivia, Sithika, Paarshva, Shams, Charlie and Melika gave me everything they could but I have to give Adwaya a special mention. He showed resilience and determination when I put him in the ‘pit’ and asked him to raise the quality of his writing. Although he found the challenge difficult, of course he succeeded.

It was a good feeling to finish off a difficult week by celebrating the life of Sir David Attenborough, one of my heroes. I was amazed that the children had never heard of him and it was wonderful to be able to teach them about a man who has done more than anyone to protect this fragile blue planet.

Keep cool and have a peaceful holiday.

Mr. Moore

Tuesday 23rd May

Hey everyone

I need to blog.

At 8:00am today I realised that I should not have returned to school so quickly after being poorly, but by 3:00pm I knew that I had made the right decision – ill or not.

Your children needed their teacher today and I am hugely grateful that I was able to support them and to help them to make sense of their thoughts and feelings about the atrocity in Manchester. I asked my class for their questions and Sophie simply asked “Why?” Choosing the right words is usually one of my strengths, but today, answers were hard to find.

After listening to news reports at lunchtime I shared some of the stories of compassion and resilience that I had heard. Those spontaneous moments of humanity are values that the children really understand, and so at that point your child’s eyes began to shine once again as they could see for themselves that ‘good’ always prevails.

As many of you know already, serendipity seems to play an important role in my life. Today, the Blah Blah Blah theatre company came to ACE to perform for and work with Y4. Using drama and shadow theatre effects they told the tale of a cruel and heartless king who could not break away from a path of evil. We had to create stories to not only entertain the king, but also to make him think again and reflect on his malevolent behaviour. The stories that were developed showed my class at their very best: imaginative, creative and wonderfully entertaining. That wasn’t the best bit. Although the evil king was pleased by our stories, he still intended to continue his reign of cruelty. He asked the children why he should repent. My class argued with him, and, by finding a compelling answer together, they persuaded him to change. What was their advice?

‘Show that you can love and you will be respected.’

Tonight my heart is full; full of sorrow, but also full of pride, and hope for a better future.

Mr. Moore