Tuesday 23rd May

Hey everyone

I need to blog.

At 8:00am today I realised that I should not have returned to school so quickly after being poorly, but by 3:00pm I knew that I had made the right decision – ill or not.

Your children needed their teacher today and I am hugely grateful that I was able to support them and to help them to make sense of their thoughts and feelings about the atrocity in Manchester. I asked my class for their questions and Sophie simply asked “Why?” Choosing the right words is usually one of my strengths, but today, answers were hard to find.

After listening to news reports at lunchtime I shared some of the stories of compassion and resilience that I had heard. Those spontaneous moments of humanity are values that the children really understand, and so at that point your child’s eyes began to shine once again as they could see for themselves that ‘good’ always prevails.

As many of you know already, serendipity seems to play an important role in my life. Today, the Blah Blah Blah theatre company came to ACE to perform for and work with Y4. Using drama and shadow theatre effects they told the tale of a cruel and heartless king who could not break away from a path of evil. We had to create stories to not only entertain the king, but also to make him think again and reflect on his malevolent behaviour. The stories that were developed showed my class at their very best: imaginative, creative and wonderfully entertaining. That wasn’t the best bit. Although the evil king was pleased by our stories, he still intended to continue his reign of cruelty. He asked the children why he should repent. My class argued with him, and, by finding a compelling answer together, they persuaded him to change. What was their advice?

‘Show that you can love and you will be respected.’

Tonight my heart is full; full of sorrow, but also full of pride, and hope for a better future.

Mr. Moore