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Welcome to class 4M at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Miss Mason, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Miss Mason

Public speaking

This week we have been getting ready to celebrate our learning with year 6 (outside and keeping bubbles separate through social distancing). Some children will be giving speeches as part of our celebration, to raise the issue of plastic pollution in the oceans, with the wider community. Take a sneak peak at Shi Ying practising her speech… We have been focusing on projecting our voice so that our audience will be able to hear us and being expressive when we read to maintain the listener’s interest.

Publishing our speeches

We have worked really hard this half term to become positive advocates for change! We have focused our efforts into the issue of plastic pollution. Here is a sample of some of our published work, we’ve been trying so hard with our cursive joined up handwriting. Our handwriting lessons are definitely helping us! Hopefully you feel inspired reading our speeches and can make some small changes to your lifestyle that the children in 4M have suggested.

Welcome back 4M

What a fantastic first week we have had back in school. Here’s some photos of our first day back at school where we played a variety of board games. Board games are great for socialisation, communications skills, turn taking, developing listening skills and collaboration skills to name just a few of the benefits! This was a great ice breaker activity and gave the children a chance to play with their friends whilst learning lots of important skills in the process!

The highlights of our week- what has been the best part of your week? Why not ask your child this evening?

Harrison- being able to see my friends

Kujejah- doing work face to face

Matilda C- learning from my teacher and class mates

Taliah- sitting at my school table and having different books for different subjects

Harry- being able to write on a piece of paper again and making packed lunches again!
Rory- Having my tray in my desk

Ayaan- being at school again and playing football